David Silva

David Silva is a dedicated minister, from CBI a missionary organization based in NY. He served in NY for a decade as an associate pastor, youth pastor and an Elementary School Head Master.

In 2002, Freeport Bible Center of Long Island, sent David and his family on to open a new mission in Morristown, NJ. He moved here and began the work of Centro Biblico of NJ, “The Potter’s House”, giving the community of Morristown his all! Dedication, love, and effort into impacting the community.

His work in Morristown has made CBNJ a place with a unique vision to help the community as a whole, and with a huge heart for children and teens. Almost Immediately after arriving in Morristown, he jumped right into serving, helping in the resolution of conflicts among African-American and Hispanic students in Morristown High School. He helped our community by working with David
Walker on the Neighborhood House as a member of the Board of Directors. There, he played an advisory role in different programs and issues, bringing with him the experience acquired form the organization he founded in the 90’s in NY “Youth in Ac9on”; which is a group of teens and young adults being led to reach their full potential and using their capabilities to be youth in ac9on in their community.

He also was instrumental along with other community leaders formulating possible solutions for the day laborers and helping to implement them. He has advised several small business owners either to open or improve their businesses in Town. In 2011, he was named the Hispanic Liaison for the Town of Morristown, further pushing him to be that means of unity in the community; building a bridge between La9no’s and the community. He is s9ll currently the Hispanic Liaison.

A man with a heart as big as David’s is hard to find, knowing that we live in a privileged culture, and never forgetting his roots, David along with CB of NJ, Inc. opened an orphanage in Palmira, Colombia “Fundacion Casa del Alfarero”, where children of high-risk or children who live on the streets are taken into this home and are emotionally restored, provided with private education, food, shelter, and above all the love of Christ. A team of professionals from doctors, psychologist, home care aids, and teachers all work together to provide these children with all the best.

David brought with him to Morristown a vision to be of positive impact where ever he goes and working to achieve positive impact in all that he does for the community. He has been provided with open doors on television and radio spots (not only here but internationally). More and more missions have been opened around the world through David’s vision and CB of NJ, Inc.

Over the past 15 years in Morristown, David has been deeply involved in the Morristown community, with one objective in mind- Unity. For the past 12 years he has hosted a Community Integration Festival on the Green, inviting everyone, of every race, religion, organization, etc., to join in and become ONE. He has also worked with one of Calvary Church’s ministries – Touch Ministry, reaching out to educate the community on AIDS and HIV and being vessels of love for those affected. They go quarterly with Touch Ministry to host game nights at the Erick Johnson home and also help in mobile testing periodically. David along with CBNJ participates in the annual Health Fair hosted by Morristown Medical Center at the Hyatt every year.

One of David’s biggest dreams is to see people, families, communities, cities, and nations transformed by bringing the good news. His favorite slogans are “welcome to an oasis of love”, and “we are building a legacy”; these phrases are not to be taken lightly as they are his way of living for generations to come.

As a prominent community leader, David has been recognized with many awards ranging from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to the Mayor’s Office for the amazing work he leads through his church. He is a dedicated father and family man of two daughters Diana and Steffanie, and an extraordinary grandfather to two amazing grandsons Josiah and Benjamin. His brother is Morristown business man Raul Silva, who supports all of the work for the community by his side. David currently resides in Morristown with his wife Patricia.