7 Straight Years: Zero Local Tax Increases

In an era when the price of everything seems to rise inexorably, Morristown residents can count on one constant: Local taxes.

For the seventh straight year, they are not budging.

“It’s a solid budget. Our revenues are good, our surplus is healthy,” said Mayor Tim Dougherty, who at Tuesday’s council meeting introduced a $53.7 million 2017 spending plan designed to keep “Morristown a desirable place to live, work and visit.”

Controlled expenses, increased revenue from Morristown’s building boom, and the town’s landmark 2015 settlement with Morristown Medical Center all combined to help the town hold its tax rate at 99 cents per $100 of assessed value.

The $40.9 million operations portion of the budget calls for the addition of two police officers, two firefighters and a building department inspector, for a full-time work force of 185 employees.

If the council approves the budget as proposed, all patrol cops will get body cameras. Streetscape improvements are planned for Washington and Martin Luther King avenues (traffic calming measures for the former, a park at Patriots Path for the latter), and two parks are in the works.

— From MorristownGreen.com Kevin Coughlin